Man Drinks From Jar

CUPPOW! I dunno, I just found this video amusing, in the “puts-a-smile-on-your-face” kind of way. I think it would have been even better if you had attractive women lusting after this jar-drinking guy, but what do I know about advertising? Anyway, the product: “The canning jar already makes an awesome platform for a travel mug: it’s easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable, and when sealed it doesn’t leak. The only problem is that with their large openings, canning jars are not great for spill-free sipping while on the move. So we adapted it — made a new lid that lets us drink like a boss from virtually any wide mouth canning jar. It’s a simple eco-friendly alternative to poor-performing and messy disposable hot cups, and over-built and expensive travel mugs.”