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Kate Moss Delivers David Bowie's Plea For British Unity At Music Award Ceremony

"David Bowie used his platform as the winner of the best British male solo artist on Wednesday night to make an unexpected intervention in the the debate over Scottish independence. In a statement delivered by the model Kate Moss, who accepted the prize for him, Bowie said, 'Scotland, stay with us,'" is a thing that happened here in your world.


The Flaming Lips, "Heroes"

Does the world need another cover of this David Bowie classic? Sure, why the hell not. [Via]


David Bowie's Forgotten, Campy Berlin Gigolo Movie

To attempt any ranking of David Bowie's work in movies on a scale of strangeness seems a fool's errand; there's no computer on earth that can tally up respective curiosity points for playing both Nikola Tesla and Pontius Pilate, Andy Warhol and The Snowman, The Man Who Fell To Earth, and The Man Who Would Be Goblin King. That said, it's difficult to find a Bowie performance more abjectly forgotten—and yet so wonderfully bizarre—than the Weimar-set 1978 black comedy Just a Gigolo. Perhaps, you ponder, it was just a cameo? Nope, he's the star and the rest of the cast is filled out by—get this—Kim Novak, David Hemmings, Curt Jurgens, [...]


Man Spends Time With Family

Whatever happened to David Bowie?


David Bowie, In Order

23. Earthling

22. Tonight

21. Never Let Me Down

20. Hours…

19. Black Tie White Noise

18. Reality

17. David Bowie

16. Pin Ups


David Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy” In Ascending Order Of Plausible Thematic Interpretations

31. Weeping Wall

30. Moss Garden

29. V-2 Schneider

28. Move On

27. Suberraneans

26. The Secret Life of Arabia

25. Be My Wife


Science: We All Have Fewer Than Ten Years To Live

"In many ways, this is it. This is potentially the end. There are no antibiotics in the pipeline that have activity against NDM 1-producing Enterobacteriaceae… We have a bleak window of maybe 10 years, where we are going to have to use the antibiotics we have very wisely, but also grapple with the reality that we have nothing to treat these infections with. It is the first time it has got to this stage with these type of bacteria." You heard the man! This is it, people! According to Tim Walsh of Cardiff University, it's time to to tell the people that you love that you [...]


Old Man Cheap

"After making a string of big-budget videos with high-profile guests for songs from The Next Day, David Bowie pared all the way down to DIY on his latest clip, spending just $12.99 on visuals for the James Murphy remix of 'Love Is Lost.' Written, shot and edited by Bowie (with help from his assistant and a friend) in his Manhattan office last weekend, the video features puppets from what a publicist [...]


David Bowie, "The Next Day"

And they say subtlety is dead.


David Bowie, "Where Are We Now?"

"Music idol David Bowie broke years of silence and speculation today to release his first new single in a decade – with an album to follow. The star, who shot to fame in the late '60s with 'Space Oddity', surprised fans by suddenly releasing a new recording, 'Where Are We Now?', on his 66th birthday."


Space Face

"Could the face 'waiting in the sky' over Nepal be David Bowie's 'Starman'?" Sure, why the hell not.


The "The" In President Kennedy's Moonage Daydream Speech Of May 25, 1961

"But 'the' Earth? Why a definite article? Clearly not to distinguish the Earth from an Earth—from one of those other Earths out there. No, I suspect the purpose of that word was to distance us, however subtly, from our preconceptions." —The Last Word On Nothing's Richard Panek writes an appreciative meditation on president Kennedy's use of a precedent "the" in referencing Earth in the speech he gave 50 years ago today calling for NASA to put a man on the moon. It was pretty important!


There Are Actually Some Great Christmas Songs!

Okay. Just two weeks to go. Everybody's sniffling and coughing and more regularly and severely hungover than usual. And feeling guilty about all the extra baked good they're eating. And too busy with planning and shopping and going to holiday parties to even really enjoy any of it. And it's so cold. (Will winter never end??!! Oh, right it hasn't even started yet.) Worst of all, perhaps, the music. Which, if the world made any sense, we'd only be just starting to hear on the radio and TV commercials and piped into in the aisles of our corporate convenience stores, but instead have already been subjected to for [...]


David Bowie, "Valentine's Day"

Whatever you think about the three previous videos Bowie has put out for his most recent (last?) album, you can't say they're not different. I kind of enjoy this, but the thing we know about mileage is that yours is almost certainly variable from mine.


David Bowie, "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" (And How It Was Really The Eurythmics Who Created The World We Live In Today… And Everything Else You Could Fit Into A Superfluous Parenthetical)

There is a lot to talk about about the new David Bowie video. The first thing, I guess, is that it was directed by Floria Sigismondi, who made The Runaways movie two years ago and lots of other music videos set in, as she reportedly put it, "entropic underworlds inhabited by tortured souls and omnipotent beings." (Hooray!) It co-stars Tilda Swinton, who plays David Bowie's wife in the most masturbatory coupling we've seen since Mick Jagger married himself in the form of Bianca Peres Moreno de Macias in 1971.


New Usher Video Looks Familiar

The new Usher video is just like Michael Jackson's "Rock With You."


David Bowie's Lost "Jean Genie"

Here ya go: "A David Bowie television performance that no one has seen in three decades, and that Americans have never seen at all, hit the web today. As the story goes, Bowie as his red-haired Aladdin Sane persona visited U.K.'s long-running music program Top of the Pops on January 3, 1973 to showcase his then-new single 'Jean Genie.' The performance aired only once, and the tapes from that TOTP episode were placed in the BBC vaults… where they were ultimately erased so the network could reuse the tapes, the BBC admits. It was believed that this "Jean Genie" was lost forever, but recently, a cameraman named John [...]


Welcome To May: Expect Zombies

It's May! It's May! How are you feeling? Merry? This is supposed to be such a merry month. If you were outside this past weekend, you could see why. Spring has sprung, the weather is warming. All those April showers seem to have done their job. Flowers are everywhere—on the ground, in the trees. It was raining pink cherry blossom petals in Washington Square Park over the weekend. One fell right on to the banh mi sandwich I was eating; I couldn't even complain.


What Song Should NASA Astronauts Wake Up To In Space?

Oh my God, psyched! As if they read the Awl and know what a crappy August we've all been having, the folks at NASA are holding a contest where the public can choose "wake-up music" for the astronauts who man the penultimate space shuttle voyage, mission STS-133, scheduled to launch November 1st. Go to the NASA website, where you can listen to 40 songs that have been piped in to start astronauts' days on past missions (and you get to hear the radio communication back and forth with ground control, too) and vote for your favorites. I voted for Elton John's "Rocket Man," because… What do you mean [...]