William Basinski, "For David Robert Jones"

It should be Friday but it’s not.

Photo: Evangelical Resident

Have you had your first, “At least it’s Friday… oh, no, it’s not Friday at all!” yet of the new year? I did this morning and it was exactly as dispiriting as you would expect. But it is understandable, because this week has seemed so very long already, and we’re still not even at the point in this new America where things are Historical-Fact terrible yet. (Related: How much would you give to go back to the time where we were all, “Please, just end this election already” and park yourself in that insanity indefinitely?) Can you imagine how long every week is going to be come February? You will be “At least it’s Friday”ing on Tuesday, until you finally get used to it or we all die. Anyway, I am sorry to say that we are only at Thursday, and I hope you can focus on anything else but everything that’s happening for as long as you need to pretend that things are okay.

Here you will find a tribute to the late David Bowie from the Disintegration Loops guy. It is twenty minutes long and you will get it immediately, so maybe that will help. Enjoy.