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More thoughts on David Bowie

Photo: zenmasterdod

No matter what your feeling about David Bowie and his work — whether you like all of it, or only love bits of it, or are determined to collect every last thing — it was impossible for his death last January not to feel like some kind of marker. The 20th century was the age of the frontline news photo, the water-cooler TV moment, the must-have LP, but all those heat-of-the-moment things have been demoted or disappeared in our new century’s digital realignment. In our current post-everything age, Bowie’s death was another reminder of how times have changed.… Maybe one of the reasons the 1970s were such an incredibly creative time is that we weren’t all reading biographies and blogs and tweets about (or even by) our heroes, who in turn weren’t thinking about the best way to ‘grow their brand’ exponentially through a social media arc. All that unmediated space waiting to be filled!

You might not be able to read anything else about David Bowie and if that is the case it’s okay. Don’t feel bad about it. There was a lot to read about David Bowie over the last year and now that the year is ending there is a lot about David Bowie to read again. No one should feel as if they need to read anything more about David Bowie. But if you are someone who can read one more thing about David Bowie this is probably what it should be. Or you can just go listen to Low.

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