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Do You Have The Funny Kind Of Crazy?

"'The creative elements needed to produce humor are strikingly similar to those characterizing the cognitive style of people with psychosis – both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,' said Gordon Claridge of the University of Oxford's department of experimental psychology, who led the study. "Although schizophrenic psychosis itself can be detrimental to humor, in its lesser form it can increase people's ability to associate odd or unusual things or to think 'outside the box. Equally, manic thinking – which is common in people with bipolar disorder – may help people combine ideas to form new, original and humorous connections."


You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Live Here, But You Will

Living in large cities makes you stressed out and crazy, but I'm pretty sure that still beats BEING BORED AND HAVING NOTHING TO DO. [Via]


The State of Current Musical Fame According to the Coachella Poster

Oh, look, the Coachella music festival lineup is announced! (The festival takes place in the desert in spring. Mostly indie-hippies attend.) And a good point is made: what conception of the fame and relevance of its performers does the festival seek to convey? To the poster!


On The Internet, Nobody Knows If Your Award Is A Bunch Of Fake Fakery

Seemingly sane people are taking the Webby Awards seriously. In 2010! Internet, we have all failed.


Mark Sanford Will Ask Every Single Person In America's Forgiveness For His Affair

Holy crap the Mark Sanford press conference is TOTALLY INSANE! More soon!

UPDATE: Okay, so, the live press conference is over. We'll swap in video once they get it up, but basically Sanford came out, apologized to every person he's ever met, living or dead, admitted that the Appalachian Trail "ain't where I went," apologized some more, mumbled on about God's law for a while, copped to having an affair with a "dear, dear friend from Argentina," apologized again, answered a couple of questions, but refused to say whether he'd resign as governor. This was one of the weirdest press conferences I've ever seen, including Budd Dwyer's. If [...]


The Workout Artist

On the off chance that you haven’t yet decided which unrealistically ambitious exercise regimen to undertake this winter, I’d like to make a pitch for one that might seem, initially, only a few ticks less dubious than a fat-melting jiggle machine. I speak of FOCUS T25, the latest set of workout DVD’s from Shaun T., former Mariah Carey-backup dancer and creator of both INSANITY and Hip-Hop Abs. These DVD’s aren’t just the best workouts you’ll encounter in 2014; they may—and I’m pretty sure this is not just the endorphins talking—be the best works of art you’ll encounter all year too.

For months a friend had been recommending T25 [...]


Do The Drugs Work?

"Imagine that a virus suddenly appears in our society that makes people sleep twelve, fourteen hours a day. Those infected with it move about somewhat slowly and seem emotionally disengaged. Many gain huge amounts of weight—twenty, forty, sixty, and even one hundred pounds. Often their blood sugar levels soar, and so do their cholesterol levels. A number of those struck by the mysterious illness—including young children and teenagers—become diabetic in fairly short order…. The federal government gives hundreds of millions of dollars to scientists at the best universities to decipher the inner workings of this virus, and they report that the reason it causes such global dysfunction is that it [...]


Is Violence "Crazy"?

I've become more and more uncomfortable with "Boy that Jared Loughner is craaaaazy" talk. Like Time's diving in to be servicey: "If You Think Someone is Mentally Ill: Loughner's 6 Warning Signs." Time says it's "easy to see" that he's crazy: because he laughed randomly a lot and posed strange questions! That's literally what those mental health experts over there suggest. Which: uh oh? Am I headed for a psych eval again? But people's first rationale for Loughner being crazy is that he shot a bunch of people. (Their second is that he believed that language enslaved you—yeah, well, so did bell hooks—and something something the gold standard—which, [...]


Paula Abdul, What Will We Do Now?

This love letter to Paula Abdul is rather wonderful, containing as it does this bit: "Not since Joan Crawford appeared, preposterously, as her young daughter's replacement on the soap opera The Secret Storm has a woman on TV performed with such catastrophic bravura."


Iran's Government Befuddled by Attention of World

Don't be sweating that up to 3 million votes in Iran could be dicey or, you know, fake. A Guardian Council spokesman explained that "voter turnout of above 100% in some cities is a normal phenomenon because there is no legal limitation for people to vote for the presidential elections in another city or province to which people often travel or commute." Oh. In typical Iran fashion, the government keep taking ideas that are substantially true and then going around the bend of crazy. Of the Western media, the foreign ministry says: "How can they say they are unbiased when their TV channel is like a [...]


Candle Price Point Even Stupider Than Previously Reported

"An article last Thursday about luxury candles misstated the price of the Ernesto candle by Cire Trudon. It is $85 for the classic size, not $65."


Insanely Judgmental Hip-Hop World Flips Out Over Mister Cee Arrest

Mister Cee, a Hot 97 DJ and semi-old-school hip-hop guy, was arrested last week and charged with public lewdness and exposure, according to the NYPD. The rumor mill has been great on the blogs! A sample: "Rumors of Mr. Cee engaging in homosexual activity have run rampant for years"! And there's some great hedging: "allegedly arrested after he was caught receiving oral sex from a male prostitute dressed as a woman, according to several news reports." What could it all mean? Perhaps… an "April Fool's Day prank or possibly someone that is not too fond of Calvin Lebrun aka DJ Mister Cee set him up [...]


When Will OpenTable Crash?

As a casual OpenTable user, I've always had the client-side operations of the service hidden from me. Because for users, it's such a win: I can survey 40 restaurants and decide when and where to eat? Yes, please! So it's good to know about the costs on the restaurant side, explained in this letter from a restaurant-owner that's making the rounds. (And on the business side, yeah, wow is that stock overvalued.)


Publicists Now Beating Reporters At Celeb Press Events

AMC brought out the cast of Mad Men last night in L.A. (well, PASADENA) for the Television Critics Association hoo-ha. There was much Jon Hamm chasing (obvs), which did not go well, as handlers kept yanking him away. But things apparently got worse? Reports the LA Times: "There was nothing else to do but whine to a colleague from another major newspaper who then shared that while he was interviewing one of Hamm's costars, he was interrupted by a publicist who resorted to violence to end that interview. She had the nerve to strike him in the back!" I knew the publicists were out of control-but I do believe [...]