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Brooklyn Smug Reaches New Hideous Heights

"Oh, it's terrible in Manhattan, we can only imagine how awful it must be in Brooklyn," Manhattan people were emailing the night of the storm, before they couldn't really email any more. Yes: most of Brooklyn lost cable TV for about six hours. There were some twigs about on the broad sidewalks too. Although, the DVRs still played! So most Brooklynites didn't notice much of a thing, outside of the devastation of Red Hook and some more localized disasters, except when Brooklyn was blinded by the Ghostbusters-like shooting lights of Manhattan's power transformers exploding.

Now lots of downtown Manhattan hold-outs turned have-nots are refugees in Brooklyn—except for the likes of [...]


Childish Wisconsin GOP Taunts "Leftist" Judge

After the state chapter of the Republican Party made a massive open records request to (admittedly) intimidate University of Wisconsin professor Bill Cronon, things just got nuts.

Today the Republican Party of Dane County released an "apology" to Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi regarding her restraining order on the enactment of the budget bill pending a court hearing. The apology followed a March 29th statement from the Republican Party criticizing Sumi's decision.

It's a jaw-dropping demonstration of stereotype and petulance and it's below, as it might not be on the Party's website for long.


This Weekend in London

After Mark Duggan was shot by police in North London, in Tottenham, four days ago, the family conducted a peaceful vigil and march to the police station (as one does in black communities around the world; standard practice in Oakland, East New York, etc.). There were discrepancies in the account of Duggan's death, as usual. (Police said he'd shot an officer; instead, as usual, an officer apparently shot an officer.) Family and friends waited outside the police station for hours and were ignored. Later that night, a different kind of demonstration emerged, and 26 police were injured in what ensued. Over the weekend, riots and mini-riots "broke out" [...]


A Wisconsin Teacher on Teaching After Unions

Last week Wisconsin legislators voted to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees, including teachers. I spoke with one 20-something Wisconsin teacher about the new public service landscape and what it now means to be a teacher. Given how Governor Walker's uninvited use of teacher Megan Sampson's story made her a chit to be exploited in the public debate, Kathryn has asked her last name not be used. The answers are unedited.

The Awl: What do you teach?

Kathryn: High School English.

The Awl: How long have you been teaching?

Kathryn: 6 years. The Awl: How does the loss of union rights make you feel [...]


More People Voted for WI Judge David Prosser Than For Mike Bloomberg

Yesterday's Wisconsin election will surely go to a recount, if the candidate with fewer votes requests it, which seems certain. What's more, the recount is free to the candidates (if not to the taxpayer, heh) if the margin is less than .5%, which, yes it easily is. At this time, David Prosser seems to have 835 more votes than JoAnne Kloppenburg, but there are still votes coming in, and it's anyone's race. Total votes cast, give or take? 1,465,563, with 736,878 going to Prosser at this time. That's pretty amazing, for a state with five and a half million people. For comparison? In the last New York [...]