Scott Walker Gravely Concerned About Workers' Health Care Costs

Here is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s testimony today at the House’s hearing on state’s debt — while a judge was ruling that Dane County doesn’t have standing to sue the state

over Walker’s bill that limits collective bargaining. Walker, or as Wonkette calls him, “the Koch Brothers’ dumb little whore from Wisconsin,” was not there to talk about how the Wisconsin state assembly voided an ordinance this week that ensured five whole sick days a year to employees of companies that had 10 or more staff. No, he went forth to rail about the high cost of health insurance born by private workers! Yes. He did. He is really concerned that factory workers and the middle class pay “anywhere from 15% to 50% of their health insurance premium costs.” His brother, too! They would “love a deal like the one I offered government workers,” Walker said. Gee whiz. Hmm. If only there were some way to organize working people, so that they could help get their health insurance costs down. I just can’t think of how….

Anyway: it gets better.