More People Voted for WI Judge David Prosser Than For Mike Bloomberg

Yesterday’s Wisconsin election will surely go to a recount, if the candidate with fewer votes requests it, which seems certain. What’s more, the recount is free to the candidates (if not to the taxpayer, heh) if the margin is less than .5%, which, yes it easily is. At this time, David Prosser seems to have 835 more votes than JoAnne Kloppenburg, but there are still votes coming in, and it’s anyone’s race. Total votes cast, give or take? 1,465,563, with 736,878 going to Prosser at this time. That’s pretty amazing, for a state with five and a half million people. For comparison? In the last New York City mayoral election, voter turnout was under 1.2 million, with a population of 8.1 million, with Mike Bloomberg receiving 585,466 votes. Though to be fair, about a third of New York City residents weren’t born in the country, and are far less likely to be voters. (This used to be true of Wisconsin, but now they are all just descended from immigrants.) Also to be fair, most of the rest of New York City residents are felons and can’t vote either.