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Eat It, Portland! New York City's Going Far Left—Starting With Immigrant Voting Rights

New Yorkers, you might have surprised yourselves. This fall you've voted in one of the most liberal governments to City Hall of… maybe ever. Along with Bill de Blasio, primary voters also put forward a city council far more liberal than it already is. Every sitting member of City Hall’s Progressive Caucus (formed just three years ago) got re-elected, including Letitia James, who won the nomination for Public Advocate. Six out of the seven new candidates endorsed by the caucus won their primaries: Costa Constantinides in Astoria, Ben Kallos in the Upper East Side, Mark Levine in Upper Manhattan, Daneek Miller in Southeast Queens, former ACORN organizer Antonio Reynoso in [...]


This Week's Winners and Losers of New York City's 2013 Mayoral Election

Let's look at the winners and losers of this week in the reality show that is New York City Mayoral Election 2013!

It was a quiet week in the mayoral campaign. Why is that? Because it's all already basically a done deal, pretty much. The Republicans are fighting it out towards a primary, instead of settling on a candidate, which is fine. We're all basically pretending that there's an active race and that anything could happen! Well, it could… maybe. There's the people with the money and there's the people without the money. Once again. Polls describe everyone as substantially lagging behind Quinn.

Mike Bloomberg Mayor Mike [...]


Bloomberg Takes Strong Stand Against Extreme Socialism

.@MikeBloomberg on @ChrisCQuinn's living wage bill: "Last time you had a big managed economy was the USSR and that didn't work out so well."

— Mike Grynbaum (@grynbaum) April 13, 2012

It's Friday, so it's the day that New York City Mike Bloomberg says tons of wild stuff! The living wage bill, if you haven't been tracking, provides a guaranteed minimum wage for people who work on some projects that have New York City subsidies. It will affect literally hundreds of people. Heh. Perhaps 500, and those workers would be guaranteed at least "$10 an hour with benefits, or $11.50 an hour without benefits." [...]


No One Cares About Bloomberg Redux Lady's Memoir

"At McNally Jackson, a bookstore in SoHo, three copies were in the store, but none had been sold as of Tuesday, said a bookseller, Matthew Wagstaffe." —Bloombergian Mini-Me Christine Quinn's memoir has had a rough first week, selling 100 copies. Kinda hoping that's how many people vote for her.


This Week's Winners and Losers of New York City's 2013 Mayoral Election

Let's look at the winners and losers of this week in the reality show that is New York City Mayoral Election 2013!

Christine Quinn: Man. Christine Quinn started out the week with a bang. The New York magazine cover story was great, it really cast her in a terrific light, and it made Mike Bloomberg look kinda like a pig. She went saucy on Giuliani, which was fun, though she trashed Jodi Foster at the same time, which was weird. AND THEN. She threw it all away by being a complete terrible despicable idiot, by signing on to the campaign to suppress academic freedom. She and a [...]


Bargain-Loving Lady Will Run New York City Soon

Enjoy the optics of your next mayor, Christine Quinn. (The New Yorker, subscription-only.)


We Must Stop This Fourth "Jurassic Park" Movie

From time to time, we offer up this space for everyday New Yorkers with a point of view on the issues of the day.

It's a big week, with gay marriage up before those old fuckfaces in the Supreme Court, with hackers trying to take down our Netflix accounts, and with old straight men confessing their love of high-heeled boots and also apparently doing dudes during their midlife crisis. What an era in which we live! By which I mean, the Cenozoic. But more importantly, weighing heavily on all our minds, is the forthcoming Jurassic Park 4, which is expected to hit theaters next summer, which will be my first [...]


Christine Quinn's Separation Anxiety

"City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said she won't be at a rally on the City Hall steps this afternoon to criticize Mayor Bloomberg for comparing the United Federation of Teachers to the National Rifle Association, because she'll be inside with the mayor."


How NIMBY Chelsea Residents and Christine Quinn Treat Poor People

Neighbors in Chelsea are up in arms against a building that will serve homeless people—but they're just against large shelters, you see, because they think those are bad for people. They're not technically against the 12-story services and shelter tenant that wants to move into a building at 127 W. 25th Street. Except that they totally are.

The building, actually, will consolidate several services of the Bowery Residents' Committee, and, like other large non-profits in New York, had to consider more than a hundred locations before it found a good fit and a willing landlord.

And, as she will always do where nonprofits are involved, useless and [...]