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The Trials of 'Entertainment Weekly': One Magazine's 24 Years of Corporate Torture

Jessica Alba on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in March of 2001, summer of 2006, and again this month.

When I was a young and odd child, one of the oddest things I did was collect Entertainment Weekly. Our family, like so many middle class families, had always had a subscription to Time, and one day Entertainment Weekly began arriving with it. In those early days, it was called entertainment weekly, and in many ways, it resembled many of the entertainment websites (The A.V. Club, Grantland, Vulture) that dominate the field today. There were long, industry-oriented cover stories, buttressed by surprisingly non-banal interviews with stars, producers, directors, [...]


People Most Likely To Die In 2012, According To A Death Pool

Once again: For this particular annual death pool (now in its fourth year!), points are awarded for each “correctly” chosen person at a rate of 100 minus age at death. This may account for some skewing youthward. There were 31 entries this year.

Last year, the pool correctly predicted the deaths of Kim Jong-il (13 lists), Elizabeth Taylor (13 lists), Amy Winehouse (10 lists), Steve Jobs (6 lists), Christopher Hitchens (5 lists) and Gerry Rafferty (4 lists). It was wrong in the cases of Michael Douglas (37 lists), Aretha Franklin (32 lists), Lindsay Lohan (17 lists) and a whole bunch more. So then, who will “mark” this year? [...]


Celebrities And The "Rape" Of Photography

Johnny Depp took his reputation for eccentricity a little too far last week. Interviewed in the November issue of Vanity Fair, the actor appeared to let his guard down when discussing photo shoots with writer Nick Tosches, a long-time friend and a godparent to one of Depp’s kids. “Well, you just feel like you’re being raped somehow,” the actor said. “Raped. The whole thing. It feels like a kind of weird—just weird, man. Weird. Like you meet people and they say, 'Can I have a picture with you!' And that's great. That's fine. That's not a problem. But whenever you have a photo shoot or something like that, it’s [...]


Political Celebrity Currency After the Election: Where's Palin Now?

While the House adjusts to the new dichotomous reality, it’s time for us to take a tally of the stars and the has-beens of the midterm election.

Goodbye Blanche Lincoln and goodbye Arlen Specter. Hello Rand Paul, Jerry Brown (again!) and Harry “that was close” Reid. Even with the close saves in the Democratic Party, the GOP grabbed 60 new seats in the House. While the Dems maintain a cold, death-like grip on the Senate, the party was even more devastated by the GOP tsunami than anticipated. And among the winners, no one star shines so brightly as Sarah Palin, whose luster has been exponentially fuelled by each of [...]


Celebrities Behind Bars! A Comprehensive Study of Bad Behavior and Forgiveness

As reliable as March Madness or a fall fashion issue, every year the American public is rocked in its mores by several extremely high-profile displays of bad behavior on the part of our own faithfully erected idols. When one of these events occurs-say, the dramatic exposure of Janet Jackson's nipple during the most watched television event of the year, or the release of blood-curdling phone conversations with Mel Gibson-there are always two competing impulses: outrage and tolerance. Over time, as both the celebrity and the public go on about their lives (and the publicists go on about their damage control) and the full nature and context of the mishap settles [...]


The Michael Jackson Funeral: Race, Celebrity and How Far We've Come

• "It was Michael Jackson that brought blacks and whites and Asians and Latinos together." Al Sharpton, today, at Michael Jackson's public memorial. • "Chris Brown stunned onlookers with a giant pendant that spelled out the word 'OOPS!' in diamonds after the Sean Combs 'Malaria No More' White Party." July 7, 2009, The YBF. • "Only 2 percent of the nation's 4.8 million teachers are black men." July 4, 2009, Washington Post. • "Less than 18% of [African-American] adults 25 and over have a bachelor's degree, and 200 women graduate from college for every 100 men." March 25, 2009, Detroit Free Press. • "The employment rate among African-American [...]


'Vanity Fair' Entirely Fails To Profile Jessica Simpson

Finally! Vanity Fair has done the definitive, intelligent profile of Jessica Simpson!


Amazing Tales Of Celebrity Heroes


The "Louie" Bubble: Making Louis C.K. Human-Sized Again

First in a series of two essays today on Louis C.K. Next: Super-Stud in Divorceland.

Let me start with a couple of stipulations:

(1) Identifying bubbles in real-time is notoriously difficult, and;

(2) I really, truly love Louis C.K. I’ve tried (and failed) on multiple occasions to see him live; I’ve watched all of his specials, including some of his weird, almost unrecognizable early appearances in Boston clubs; I’ve even, despite knowing full-well that one should never, ever do this, recounted his routines, through snorts of my own laughter, to my politely smiling friends.

Nonetheless: I’m ready to declare that we are, right now, in [...]


What It Feels Like to be Kanye West is What It Feels Like to be American

So how do you feel if you're Kanye West (or at least "Kanye West," Twitter personality)? Well, you know you're amazing and no one feels worse about it than you. You're a superstar and no one could possibly be more alone. Acknowledging this, your heart swells like you're becoming a better person while all the time you remain convinced that you were already awesome anyway. Self-pity mixed with delusions of grandeur—the identifying marks of a very particular type of asshole who feels like he should be congratulated simply for meaning well.

And nowhere do you get such a good approximation of what it feels like to be Kanye than [...]


Egos, Eggheads and Erections in the Steel Cage of American Politics: A History of the Celebrity Candidate

Very Recent History: The Rise of the Celebrity Candidate -- #url#

"Preemptive Product Placement": The Celebrity Gift of Scorn

Delightful wee fashion fruit Simon Doonan alleges today that luxury brands make gifts of competitor's products to undesirable tabloid stars. This is the greatest idea ever! I hope it's true! I'm absolutely looking for ways to apply this technique of counter-branding in my own life.


Study: Popular People Are Popular

Science says: "Prominent people stay popular for longer than they ought to because they serve as conversational fodder, which in turn drives more media coverage."


Jason Statham Finally Praised

It's high-time there was a long appreciation written about Jason Statham. I do not care why particularly, I just love him.


The Poetry Of Ally Sheedy: A Look Back

February marked the twenty-first anniversary of the publication of a book of poems by the gifted actor Ally Sheedy. It was called Yesterday I Saw the Sun, and she was famously excoriated for it. Sheedy was then 28 years old and coming off a very bad patch, including a stint at Hazelden; she had picked up an addiction to Halcion during an ill-fated fling with Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and her friend Demi Moore is said to have scooped up the remains of Sheedy and posted them to rehab by way of an intervention. Terrible business, but the braying press went after her anyway. "Ally Sheedy from bad to [...]


Exquisite Corpse

“The so-called 'tasteful' Playboy pics will be… a classic tribute inspired by original Tom Kelly nude pictorials of Marilyn Monroe…. According to sources, Playboy began taking Lindsay Lohan photos last week, while she was juggling other duties like ordering cupcakes to the morgue.” —The Hollywood Gossip, 11/8/11, 10/25/11.

He told her that she was moving too much, that she had to stay stiller, the camera was finicky, the exposures depended on no motion, like just stop breathing, he said looking at the playback, just stop breathing, okay. Lindsay thought it was a joke and laughed but he said it was serious, this was going to be [...]


People Most Likely to Die in 2011, According to a Death Pool

N.B. For this particular annual death pool, points are awarded for each "correctly" chosen person at a rate of 100 minus age at death. This may account for some youngward skew. 51 total entries were received.

Randy Quaid: 4 lists Stephen Hawking: 4 lists Larry King: 4 lists Mel Gibson: 4 lists Jimmy Carter: 4 lists Gerry Rafferty: 4 lists Peter Tork: 4 lists Keith Richards: 4 lists Ronnie Biggs: 4 lists George H. W. Bush: 4 lists Ariel Sharon: 4 lists


'The Social Network': The Old Constructing Heroes For The Young

Each day I pass the glossy posters vaunting that actor's face who I recognize from somewhere as a prettified stand-in for the CEO of that company that's supposed to be changing the way I think, his visage of slack-jawed moronism a lame-ass stand in for profundity as decided by some group-tested marketing-teamed tautology of whatever it is that passes for brainstorming nowadays, covered in words that purport to represent the names he has been called by his (or my) peers, to be played by earnest, attractive actors who also call up feelings of vague recognition, actors conversing intently with each other in topical settings that show the world I [...]


Two Musicians and 32 Politicians Announce Presidential Candidacy for Haiti

"Just days after announcing his intention to run for president of Haiti, Wyclef Jean stopped by the Rolling Stone offices to discuss this 'new chapter' in his life." Isn't it so weird that people keep writing about why it's such a horrible idea? (Psst: Jean doesn't speak French and also doesn't do that well in Creole apparently.) In any event, there are 33 other candidates (including one other musician) who have filed to run for President as well! Including a former (two-time) prime minister and a former first lady! And a former ambassador to the U.S…. who is also Wyclef's uncle. Awkward. To look on the [...]


Brand Management: The Golden Head Butt

Picture it: Dressed to the nines (or, at least, the sevens) navigating the crowd-feeling important. A bump! Words. The nearly still atmosphere gives way to a short, powerful burst of moving air. Smash! An all-too-close thud, triggering a high-pitched buzz in the ears, silencing Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" (which was triumphantly playing on repeat). Yes, it's difficult to get behind the bridge of somebody's nose, milliseconds before being smashed by Kiefer Sutherland's forehead. As you probably know, only designer Jack McCollough wonders no longer what that experience is like.