How Will You Act When Your Favorite Celebrity Enters the Room?

Will you sit on him?


Let’s say you’re sitting in your family room. It’s Friday night and you’re winding down by chewing on a plush figurine of your favorite international celebrity, when through the door walks that same international celebrity in the flesh.

Could it be?

Maybe you approach him calmly, like a Jane Austen character who has spotted another Jane Austen character from across the dance floor at The Grand Ball. “Hello, sir,” your face might say. “Could you be a Tinseltown icon like I suspect you are?”

And maybe when you get close enough to smell him, he smells like… your loved one. The celebrity is fam, just like you secretly suspected when you were watching him on TV! You let your emotions get the better of you for a second. You hug him. You do a little dance around him. You sit on his chest and pin him there while your friend watches nearby, not quite getting it. This is like reuniting with a lost twin. Or accidentally meeting your birth father.

An icon! A legend! A star! In your house!

Or maybe you won’t greet him like this when the time comes, but it’s good to know that you could.