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This Is Catsploitation

Taibi Mastelbowers, an artist, babysitter and retail worker, was one of many waiting in line this morning for the opening of North America's first pop-up cat café, a month-long marketing event for Purina One cat food. Mastelbowers who has two cats, Neferkitti and Inkling, said she's not allowed to bring any more home. "I love cats. I love to hang out with cats. I've already had a coffee today, but I always need kitty cuddle time."


Ask Yourself, "Am I A Vet Or A Pet Store?"

"If you aren’t a vet or pet store, don’t share little cat memes!"


Cat Large

This here is Pickles, whom noted animal blog the Daily Mail says is three feet long and weights 21 pounds. "Everyone's obviously first reaction is like wow that cat is huge," said Pickles' new owner. You can find many more pictures of this large cat over here.


For Just Pennies A Day, You Can Harass People On Twitter With Bizarre Promoted Tweets

They must be having a fire sale at Twitter Ads, I have been thinking recently, given the totally random whatnots showing up in my feed. I know, right? What? It gets weirder.


Are You Watching "Christmas Cats TV"?



Older Park Slope Cats Grumbling About How Much Tougher Things Were In Their Day

"Victims of the Park Slope 'bully' cat live in fear, their owners say."


Some Cats Eat Better Than Some People

"Celebrity chef Simon Rimmer has created the world's most luxurious cat food featuring roasted duck, lobster sushi roll and Beluga caviar." —I haven't watched this all the way through, so I suppose it's possible that right at the end he has some clarifying realization about the implications of everything he's spent the last five minutes doing and, in a moment of repentance for the horrors over which he has just presided, stabs himself with one of his kitchen knives, but again, I didn't stay until the finish to see, so it's also possible that he did not.


Ask Polly: I'm 33 And Single. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Hi Polly.

I’m not really sure why I’m writing you. Actually I am. I need to feel ok with being single at 33 while still maintaining hope that I can find a solid, real, lasting relationship. Every time I read one of your columns on this subject, I feel empowered. I apologize for being unoriginal but this stuff is hard and I am at a loss!

I embrace being single. I appreciate being on my own and dictating my own schedule, I do a ton of yoga and look great (might sound conceited but it's true), I own my own successful business, I own my condo, I save money, [...]


Nation's Einsteins Have Opinions On 911 Call

The next time you are decrying the increasing level of stupidity our species seems competitive about displaying and someone says to you, "Oh, relax, people are actually getting smarter, there has never been a better time for human ingenuity and we are all wiser and more informed than ever before, why are you always such a downer, Alex?" you can point them to this "news" story, and I am not even talking about the story itself, you can just point them to the "social media reacts!" part. I mean, there's PLENTY of stupidity to go around, but if you're pressed for time the Twitter stuff will surely suit your [...]


Get Your Bookshelf (And Your MIND) Right With Muriel Spark

2014 has been called the Year of Reading Women; it should also be the Year of Reading Muriel Spark. Just short of a hundred years since her birth, and nearly 60 since the publication of her first novel, Spark remains as essential as ever. She cannot be reduced.

But that’s not to say a little facelift wouldn't hurt. New Directions will be revamping and re-releasing eight of her novels here in America later this year, including Man Booker favorites The Driver’s Seat and Loitering with Intent. (My favorite part about the new editions is that when you line up all of the spines together, they make a [...]


"Cat Armor" Brings Us One Step Closer To Having Made All The Stupid Things That Can Be Made

"An online shop is offering hand-made leather and nickel silver battle armour – for cats."


Paper Says "The Next Grumpy Cat Could Be Right Here In New York" Like It's A Good Thing

"Several photogenic felines from the five boroughs are featured in the traveling 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival, landing in Brooklyn Friday."


Are You Man Enough To Try Cats?

"A lot of men, they don't even want to try [cats] because they don't think it's macho."


Cat Two-Faced

"In the west shall be born a twin-headed beast while a dual-pastry fusion ascends in the east" is what Nostradamus might have written about all the stupid stuff going on in the news right now if he really had the ability to see into the future. Anyway, the signs are all there: a kitty with a pair of faces, a monstrous amalgam of donut and crossiant… we are opening all the seals, people. This will not end well.


Cats One Step Closer To Killing Us All

Hmm: "Cats have passed TB to humans for the first time in an outbreak feared to have been caused by badgers. Two people from the same household are being treated for bovine tuberculosis after they caught the disease from their kitten. Two other cat owners have been infected with a dormant form of TB."

Oh, and recently: "Using deliberately conservative assumptions, federal researchers recently estimated that free-ranging cats killed about 2.4 billion birds annually in the Lower 48 states, a substantial bite out of [...]


Maybe Your Cat Hates You Because You Suck

"Cat Bites Are Linked To Depression"


Cats + Tea = Paradise

"Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky, a cat-loving duo from San Francisco, are currently at work on KitTea, a cat cafe concept they hope to open in the city this summer. They envision KitTea as part 'gourmet tea house,' part 'cat and human oasis.' To ensure the place is not too crowded or chaotic, the cafe will be at least 1,600 square feet, housing a maximum of 10 cats and 30 to 35 people at a time." —The excuse you needed to finally move to San Francisco [...]


The Year In Cats Getting Stuck In Ridiculous Places

Just a few days after we turned our calendars from 2012 to 2013, NBC Bay Area posted a story on its website under the bizarre headline “Fat Cat Rescue Highlights Cathood Obesity.”

The cat referred to in that headline, Midnight, weighed 14.4 pounds at the time of its rescue. The corresponding article noted that the portly pet’s “‘ample hips’ needed massaging and squeezing before she could be freed” from the space between fence posts.

Remarkably, as the year progressed things got even more ridiculous with respect to cats being trapped in stupid places. And just in case some of you may have missed one or two of [...]


A Life-Changing Invention: The In-Window Cat Litter Box

Since 1945, man has been shoving air conditioners through his windows. Despite our fears, very rarely is someone wounded by a falling air conditioner. We have the technology. We have mastered gravity. It's time to shove our cats out the windows.

If we can put a cat in space, which we have been doing since 1963, we can put a cat box outside our space, and therefore end our suffering at the hands (??) of our cats. (Our cat's butts, I guess.)

We're edging slowly closer to this goal.

The Whiskervent sucks air out your window through a hose; so does the Littervent. [...]


Internet Won

"11 Photos of Rappers With Cats"