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Content Distributed

Near the end of Mike Isaac's boldly headlined piece on the fifty million dollars that BuzzFeed has raised from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and what it plans to do with it, he notes:

And the future of BuzzFeed may not even be on One of the company’s nascent ideas, BuzzFeed Distributed, will be a team of 20 people producing content that lives entirely on other popular platforms, like Tumblr, Instagram or Snapchat.

Right now, "75 percent of BuzzFeed's traffic comes from referrals from social sites." From a publisher's perspective, this is the ideal relationship between it and a "social site": It plants a stick of [...]


No, BuzzFeed Did Not Invent Native Advertising

News curmudgeons relish blaming the internet for things they don’t like, a pastime that is maddening, a little sad, and just ironic. These people who fetishize print media's past are often selective in their memories of it.

For instance, BuzzFeed didn't invent coverage of silly animals, and it certainly didn't invent native advertising—that is, advertising with a narrative structure that mirrors surrounding editorial content. (You might also call this “sponsored content" or “advertorial.")

Much of the recent media chatter about native ads makes it sound as though sponsored content was just invented. But what we now call native advertising has deep roots in print journalism—as do [...]


How Much Do BuzzFeed, Gawker and Business Insider Staff Tweet About Work?

Is Twitter your job? We have maintained in the past that it is not. A year later, we think that more and more media employees are engaged in the practice of using their Twitter accounts to promote not just their work, but their workplaces. That's true even with the transition of Jim Roberts from @NYTJim to @NYCJim, as he left the New York Times to become the executive editor of Reuters Digital. (His Twitter is still chock-full of Times links, though!)

How much Twitter work is working? We looked at a work-week's worth of tweets at three publications: BuzzFeed, Gawker and Business Insider. Just how often were [...]


"The 10 people most mutants [PICS]"

Great ice cream, bad girls [VID]

— Fake BuzzFeed (@FakeBuzzFeed) February 22, 2012

Well, this is happening, and by "this," I mean a Twitter account that consists of running the headlines of a Buzzfeed rip-off website called through Google Translate. And why not? What does YOUR stupid Twitter feed do for you?


How to Plagiarize a Fart Joke

There is yet another plagiarism scandal afoot. I declare it a silly one, and therefore predict that what I am writing here will raise a mini-foofaraw in journalistic circles. It may well get me targeted by the same journalism Internet sleuths who broke this “scandal,” and they might comb my oeuvre trying to prove that I am a plagiarist myself, which might explain why I am daring to question the agreed-upon level of public tsk-ing, using the agreed-upon hair-trigger definition of what constitutes theft in our a shabby new world of frantic Internet journalism that, in its very DNA, happens to encourage and reward theft.

To make A Point [...]


Anthony Weiner And Human Dignity Debased Before A Hungry Audience

It was standing room only at The Ainsworth on 26th Street last night, right by BuzzFeed's headquarters, so that BuzzFeed edit honcho Ben Smith could interview Anthony Weiner. "You're gonna wanna whip out your press passes," said the bouncer. "Go ahead. Whip 'em out." He laughed. Onstage, Smith sipped what looked like a very light beer. Weiner got wolf-whistled as he walked onto the stage. For him, there was something that was maybe an iced coffee. "Anthony has stopped drinking, in case you missed that," Smith said. For the audience, there were a lot of snacks.

A woman in town from Boston for work told me that she found [...]


Are You a Spammer? You Might Very Well Be!

Did you know that sending out mass emails is often illegal? You perhaps didn't. Particularly if you work as a politics blogger, for which an important part of your job is "blasting out" your stories.

But the deeply flawed CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 codified some mass email behavior, and described what's spam and what isn't. The FTC describes what emails are subject to the Act: "'any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,' including email that promotes content on commercial websites."

So, yes. Your mass email promoting your "content" at Politico or BuzzFeeᴅ or your [...]


New Media As Petty As Old Media

That Buzzfeed's Ben Smith can't use his own name at his new job, due to his "exit agreement" with his last employer, Politico, is hysterical. Get a grip! Also making the rounds: digital media jobs in "journalism" that require a drug test. How crazy are these people? (But yes, if you want to work at Gannett or NBC or what have you, be prepared to be degraded and give up your rights.) Drug-testing is maybe—maybe!—for people who operate forklifts or drive trucks, so they don't kill us all while baked. Even then, though…. Well, drug-testing is a real bad look for organizations that want independent, American-minded employees. Anyway, [...]


The Porn Innovators Of Today

"BuzzFeed is like the porn industry in the ’90s. All online marketers watched what the porn people did from a marketing and technology standpoint because they were always on the cutting edge. That’s where a lot of the marketing and advertising techniques that made it into the mainstream in the early 2000s came from." [Via]


The Unverified

A few months back, Mike Hayes, who's a senior reporter at BuzzFeed and who also runs the official BuzzFeed Twitter account, sent around an email to the office. Twitter, he reported, was going to be verifying the whole staff at once. To be eligible, employees just needed to attach their work email addresses to their Twitter accounts.

And so then one day in March, poof. Scores of BuzzFeeders with blue checkboxes on their Twitter profiles. Other companies, like The Verge, followed.

so many buzzfeed writers, verified. heads need to roll over this. verify me @twitter

— max read (@max_read) March 12, 2013

There's sort of nothing funnier [...]


Woman Derisively Compared To Buzzfeed

"Early on in [Tina Brown's Newsweek] tenure, there were covers for the Olsen sisters and Regis Philbin. Buzzfeed would have covered them, too, only in its 'Nostalgia' vertical, which, like Brown, is preoccupied with the 1990s." —Way harsh, Noreen Malone, way harsh.


What We'd Do With $15.5 Million in Funding

With Buzzfeed announcing a fresh $15.5 million in funding today, on top of its previous $11.5 million in funding, all web properties should stop and ask themselves: what would you do with that cash? We already have it planned!

• office radio with AM and FM.

tiny house collection in the middle of the office's sculpture courtyard.

• a "sympathy big board," displaying only least-viewed blog posts.

• Ben Smith's younger, weirder cousin from Ditmas Park, Yaniv Smith.

• an actual awl.

• basement meth lab (because media companies just becoming tech companies is very 2011; 2012 is about dreaming bigger).

• a fearsome, extremely [...]