Garbage Is As Garbage Does

Who’s the most bad?


President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference in months Wednesday, and took some time to address chatter surrounding a dossier of gossip published by Buzzfeed this week. Most of the unverified allegations surrounded issues like Trump’s ties to Russia, but one salacious tidbit suggested the future leader of the free world hired sex workers to perform pee acts for him. Guess which topic the Internet has had the most fun discussing?

These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

So because he is who he is, Trump took time out of his press conference to let us all know that Buzzfeed is a bad website. Specifically, a “failing pile of garbage.” Damn.

Trump: BuzzFeed is a ‘failing pile of garbage’

Within hours, Buzzfeed had updated their site’s merch section to include “failing pile of garbage”-branded goods like bumper stickers and teeshirts. One item is a $49 trash can:

I called in senior Awl political correspondent Kelly Conaboy to discuss the decision to merchandise this moment with me. Is it a good burn? An okay burn? Here are the minutes from our meeting:

Kelly: seems crazy that they aren’t donating the money from this stuff

Christine: right like $49 for a trashcan and youre gonna……keep it?

what a fun joke!

Kelly: support uh independent journalism

There you have it. Just like Meryl Streep told us at the Golden Globes.

UPDATE: About an hour after this post went up, Buzzfeed added the following statement to their “Failing Pile of Garbage” merch: