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Have You Freaked Out About The Knockout Game Yet?

"Now as these videos end up on YouTube and elsewhere online, officials are worried that there are going to be copycat attacks," a "Today Show" correspondent tells us after nearly three minutes of video showing people being knocked out.


How Many People Do You Think Jack Welch Knows Who Have A Hard Time Finding Work?

"As I said that same evening in an interview on CNN, if I could write that tweet again, I would have added a few question marks at the end, as with my earlier tweet, to make it clear I was raising a question." —Well, at least Jack Welch has a future as a blogger.


Dear Michael Schudson, You Are Delusional

"You talk to people, these small online startups, as Len Downie and I did, the optimism is absolutely infectious. Even journalists who have left or been fired from or been let go from traditional mainstream organizations now are working at lower wages for some of these organizations and they are grinning ear to ear. They have never had such a good time." -Michael Schudson, academic sociologist and faculty member of the Journalism School at Columbia University, in an interview conducted at Yale, as quoted on media's unhappy pallbearer Jim Romenesko. Well!


English, Now Featuring One Million Words!

According to the Global Language Monitor, "a Web site that uses a math formula to estimate how often words are created," the English language added its millionth word at 5:22 this morning. Paul J.J. Payack, "president and chief word analyst for the Global Language Monitor," acknowledges that the millionth-word estimation is actually the basis of an imprecise analysis designed mainly to gain attention and traffic, but that it shows the depth and complexity of our constantly-evolving language. The word, by the way, is "scrotmunch," which refers to the licking of the scrotum or those who engage in such activity.


Is Your Job As Worthless As You Are?

"Our jobs are probably not make-work handed to us by crafty overlords. But they may be something more insidious — an elaborate kind of wealth redistribution system, masquerading as value-creating economic activity, sustained and powered by all the economy's loopholes and flaws that Econ 101 barely mentions. If that's the case, then we really ought to ask ourselves: Why are we working so hard, instead of collecting checks to sit on a beach?"


There Goes Lyin' Ryan

Observers: Paul Ryan's convention speech last night was possibly a tad inaccurate. Will he somehow manage to get away with it? Yeah, probably.


Republicans and the Town Hall Strategy: "Political Terrorists"

2008 Pulitzer Prize winner Steven Pearlstein warns today in his Washington Post column that he is going to go "over the line." This sounds exciting! But actually he just asserts some basic facts in this bullshit, fabricated, ridiculous and saddening summer-long political propaganda fest over healthcare. For instance! "The recent attacks by Republican leaders and their ideological fellow-travelers on the effort to reform the health-care system have been so misleading, so disingenuous, that they could only spring from a cynical effort to gain partisan political advantage. By poisoning the political well, they've given up any pretense of being the loyal opposition. They've become political terrorists, willing to say [...]


"Tea Parties" Reconsidered

You know, I lean left, but I consider myself a fairly rational person who does a decent job of not being blinded by his biases in the face of overwhelming evidence which contradicts my own political beliefs. So I saw this thing on Reason-a publication I enjoy even though there's a lot of it with which I disagree-about how the "tea parties" were a lot more successful than those on the left were prepared to give credit for. And I thought to myself, okay, maybe I was wrong, I should read it and see what they have to say.


Readers of Lance Armstrong Books Sue To Get Their Money Back

If you're the kind of lifelong dupe who bought a book by Lance Armstrong, there's really no helping you. But, still, the wheels of justice must turn, etc., and both law firms and the U.S. Postal Service depend upon those bulk-mailed class-action suit notices. So a couple of consumers in California have gone to federal court in hopes of making a big deal over the long-known truth about Lance Armstrong, the professional drug dealer and sports cheat.

Rob Stutzman and several others who bought Armstrong's "It's Not About The Bike" and "Every Second Counts" have filed a lawsuit in Sacramento federal court. It alleges Armstrong duped them into believing [...]


Pop Music And Bad Words

The next time someone asks you why newspapers are dying, point them here.


Plane Crash Terror To Bring Extra Spectacle To Your TV

Man has always loved his airplanes. But what about when the airplanes say "NO MORE"? (*) MSNBC will teach you, in an hour-long intensive fright video airing this weekend, to understand the terror of airplanes and why they want to kill us! Why must we all die in the sky? In 2008, there was one plane crash for every eight million take-offs. Possibly MSNBC should be reserving its TERROR DOCUMENTARIES for adult-onset diabetes?


Science still unable to cure gay.

A famous Masters and Johnson study cited as proof that homosexuals can be "converted" into penis-in-vagina practitioners turns out to be pretty much bullshit. This should be a difficult blow for proponents of the conversion theory, whose previously touted methods of "constant prayer," "personality-altering medication," and "marrying Liza Minelli" have all proved to be similar failures.