You Know What Means Anything? Nothing


“[CBS chief research officer David Poltrack said] two-thirds of viewers watch with a second screen either in their hands or on their lap. Yet those screens can be so distracting that their users forget to fast-forward past the ads in recorded shows. It turns out viewers are overwhelmingly absorbing the messages coming from the TV even as they stare at the other devices, Mr. Poltrack said.”
— If you are someone who believes that 90% of the work our professional classes do is nonsense; busy-work; work that is done for the sake of justifying a salary; work that is conducted for the perceived esteem it grants its performers; work that is rationalized as vital or important because being forced to confront the reality of its insignificance — or, more damningly, the quantifiable damage it causes to the mental and physical health of the members of society who are its victims — would make it impossible for those whose identity is wrapped up in it to face themselves in the mirror each morning; or basically a combination of misdirection, wishful thinking or appeals to faith in magic, you will never run short of material to bolster your belief.