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Question Hrmm

An example of the insightful questions that some venture capitalists must ask before they decide to shower an app with money, so much money: Robyn Exton, the founder and chief executive of Dattch, a location-based dating app aimed at lesbians, once pitched her product to a venture capitalist who asked a colleague, ">Do you think if I invest, people will think I’m gay?"

Obviously, the answer is super.


Mike's Says Please "Ice a Bro" with Us!

Hey there, are you a Bro! That's awesome! Are you a Bro who enjoys the game of "Icing" your other Bros? That is really great! We would like to introduce you to a totally rad beverage with which to "ice" your Bros in an exciting new way: Mike's Hard Lemonade®!


Sex Offender Week: Feminism for Young Dudes

This week, we'll be running an essay a day about the state of being men and women. Welcome to Sex Offender Week-it's just like Shark Week, but without sharks and with angry blog comments!

Hey man. Got a question for you. Have you ever, as a red-blooded hetero dude, had sex before? Yeah? Pretty boss, right?! Well, you should hug a feminist! If you happen to be dating one, this should be pretty easy. (Unless you've been a dumbass to her recently; and hey, we've all been there.)   Now, if you're thinking, feminist? Hey fuck that noise, I ain't huggin' any hairy-legged broad for nothing, my main [...]


Your Bros: What Social Network Do You Use To Chat With Them Now?

"Twitter is not just a social network for chatting with your bros anymore."


Breaking: Icing of Bro Committed At Goldman Sachs

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: We have just received word that an "icing" in fact has taken place among bros at Goldman Sachs. Our original statement of this morning that no icings have yet taken place at Goldman has been altered; we regret the error and also, wow, are you kidding? And here is the Wieden-Kennedy interoffice memo that is oddly pro icing. Suspicious! [UPDATE: Um, that memo has just been disappeared from the Voice's website. SUSPICIOUSER. ANOTHER UPDATE: here's the cache of the memo.]


The Men's Room: Man v. Tool Academy

This season's winner of Tool Academy, a reality show on VH1 in which awful mostly-male people are tricked into going to couples' therapy in order to make them better mostly-boyfriends, was an aspiring professional wrestler named Jacob, or "J.T. Extreme." In the final episode, we were treated to an apparently sincere ceremony in which Jacob sacrificed, as a sign of his romantic contrition, his leopard-print leotard and banana hammock on a fire, causing an entire nation to mentally smell the worst smell anyone has ever smelled. (I imagined a toaster which has been turned on, smeared with Icy Hot, and stuffed with an large chunk of runny Camembert. What [...]


Big Money Manhattan Office Rent Isn't Cool Anymore

The Plaza District—essentially 42nd Street to basically Central Park South, from Third Avenue to Seventh Avenue—is officially Not Cool and also Highly Expensive and so therefore is Highly Vacant, because Bros Don't Want Their Offices there. "The people who come to our buildings, they use words like ‘dude’ and ‘totally.’ They pound you, they don’t shake your hand. And right now, those are the ones making the space decisions," is how the president of Trinity Real Estate, Jason Pizer, put it. Sure thing, brah! The dudes want to be closer to the L train. JK, they want to be down by The Startups. Um, also, they don't want [...]


Why Bros Get Iced, Bro

From time to time, we offer free editorial space to common folk with something to say. This is one such time, in which a fratty bro of our acquaintance explains what exactly is going on with bros. Spoiler: It's not good!

You may have heard about this new thing the kids–white males in their 20s, mostly–are doing? DRINKING SMIRNOFF ICE, AGAINST THEIR WILL, AT RIDICULOUSLY INOPPORTUNE TIMES. Seriously.


A Taxonomy Of Bros

So very true: "One of the problems with crafting a reliable definition of 'douchebag' is that the term is built from the outside. Nobody wants to identify as a douchebag. And so, each individual's interpretation of the term will necessarily exclude characteristics which they share. Not so with the term 'bro.'"