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Songstress Creates Method by Which Humans May Write Down Melodies

"The fact that I had touch screens, I could map out for the first time the structures associated with my melodies." —Oh handy, now that we have iPads, Björk could finally invent musical notation. Teasing aside: love you, Björk! You're a treasure! Her new thingie is out today.


Beck Featuring Thurston Moore, "Santorini"

On March 1, 1994, Beck's major-label debut Mellow Gold — you know, the one with "Loser" — was released. Another album that came out that day? The Greek multi-instrumentalist Yanni's Live At The Acropolis, which sold more than four million copies and brought the genre "New Age" to many a suburban living room. The alt-rock icon celebrated this coincidence by covering the album in its entirety as part of his Record Club, during which he and a bunch of his pals recreate old albums over the course of a day. The first track on Acropolis, "Santorini," is recreated in the above clip; Beck drafted Sonic Youth's Thurston [...]