Beck Featuring Thurston Moore, "Santorini"

On March 1, 1994, Beck’s major-label debut Mellow Gold — you know, the one with “Loser” — was released. Another album that came out that day? The Greek multi-instrumentalist Yanni’s Live At The Acropolis, which sold more than four million copies and brought the genre “New Age” to many a suburban living room. The alt-rock icon celebrated this coincidence by covering the album in its entirety as part of his Record Club, during which he and a bunch of his pals recreate old albums over the course of a day. The first track on Acropolis, “Santorini,” is recreated in the above clip; Beck drafted Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore to provide semi-babbley lyrics for the track, since in its original form it was an instrumental. The kind of amazing thing about this cover? It’s not as baffling as it seems like it might be on paper! Especially in the context of that Dirty Projectors/Björk collaboration about whales that conjured up the word “Enya” when I first heard it yesterday. [Via