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Life and Death on the Bear Cam

The bear cams are back: Feeds from Katmai National Park in Alaska are going live this week. Some are powered up already and in testing; others are still coming online. The bear cams have become an odd yearly ritual for the nature-obsessed and vocationally computer-bound alike, developing an avid fan base that tracks the comings and goings of dozens upon dozens of feeding bears. Each year the cameras get better, their hours longer, and their stories richer.

So what will happen in 2014? What are we in for? I called Roy Wood, Chief of Interpretation for Katmai National Park, who helps run the cams. He told me a [...]


Euthanized Bear In Better Place Now

"Albany's celebrity bear has climbed its last tree." —I'm not happy about it either. Maybe just watch this instead to cheer yourself up.


"Bear Dances And Plays Trumpet"

Video Promises, Delivers.


Bears Go Fish

This is much more enjoyable if you mute it and watch the bears do their thing unaccompanied by the excitable narration from BBC guy. It is BEARS FISHING, there does not need to be anything said. Enjoy!


Live Bear Show

"I live in Anchorage, two hours from McNeil as the floatplane flies, and suffer from a fear so extreme and yet so common here it has earned its own nickname: Bearanoia, a condition in which one’s time outdoors is accompanied by a lingering assumption that every sound in the brush signals an approaching bear with a premeditated plan to drag one off for a good mauling."


Polar Bear Baby Triggers "OMFG SO CUTE" Warnings Worldwide

Even if you are having the best morning in your life thus far—and let's be honest, you almost certainly are not—this will make it a little brighter. For this rest of us this is probably as good as it's going to get all day, so let's take the time to fully appreciate it.


Cookie-Eating Bear Provides Brief Respite From Horrors Of Daily Existence

I can speak to neither the provenance nor the freshness of this piece—the terrible secret that no one wants to discuss when it comes to Russian bear videos on the Internet is just how many of them are actually older clips unscrupulous embed jockeys have uploaded under different accounts to create the illusion of recency—but I can say that if you are in the market for approximately five minutes of a bear eating cookies you have come to the right place. I'm about to watch it for the third time today, won't you please join me?


A Real Chill Bear

Don't you wish you were as chill as this bear? Take a deep breath. Let it out. Do it again. One more deep breath. It's Friday. You are the bear. You. Are. The. Bear. Exhale. (via)


Awesomeness Of Rock-Climbing Bear Difficult To Overstate

Wait, you've seen this already? Well WATCH IT AGAIN. [Via]


I Mean, Come On With This Bear And How Cute It Is

I will refer you to my earlier remarks, the substance of which was essentially that this bear was rather adorable. I see no need to revise that estimation.


The Bears Of Spring Are Back!

"Bears have begun emerging from their winter dens in Yellowstone. As a grizzly forages near the Midway Geyser Basin, the park's bear management biologist explains early spring bear behavior, and how the public can both help bears and protect themselves over the next few months." —This video is mostly just a bear lumbering along through Yellowstone and I don't think anyone needs or even wants an apology for that. Bears! Spring! For a few seconds we can kid ourselves into thinking that everything's right with the world.


Watch Some Bears Dismantle A Campsite

Look at them go! Get that food, bears!


Bears, So Like Us

"Bears are well know for their intelligence. It seems that being arround humans made these fluffy creatures behave more and more like we do. Bears swim like humans, walk like humans, sit like humans, play like humans and more. Check out this compilation of funny bears behaving like people." —This is bad, yes, but it is bad enough that it crosses over that line and somehow becomes good? I would ordinarily say no, but, you know, bears. You'd better believe we give extra credit for bears. Enjoy or "enjoy," but either way, bears!


The Day The Polar Bear Learned About Snow

There is an old joke that goes something like this: One morning a polar bear cub is awakened by his parents so early in the day that the sky is still dark.

"Get up, get up," say the parents. "Today you learn to swim."

So the polar bear cub spends his day going in and out of the frigid water, in and out until finally the sky is dark again and he comes back home.

"Mom," he says, "can I ask you a question?"

"Of course," she answers.

"Am I a polar bear?"

"Of course you are," she replies.

"Okay," he says.


Bear Saved

The road, which seems vast and open, but is in truth bounded and finite, designed to hurl vaguely aerodynamic rectangular projectiles recklessly, endlessly forward, is the world we live in. The tiny bear is us. And we wish, no, we hope, that somewhere out there, a bigger bear is watching, waiting to save us, perhaps right now, on a Friday, this Friday, at this moment, 5:30 p.m. It's over. This week is over. Where is our bear?


Bear Animated

"The creative team over at London-based DBLG recently released this in-house animation titled Bears on Stairs that involed old school stop motion techniques paired with modern 3D printing. The painstaking process involved printing a sequence of 50 tiny sculptures which had to be photographed one by one over a period of 4 weeks—all for a mere two seconds of animation." —[...]



I believe the expression you are attempting to articulate is "OMG." And rightly so. [Via]


Here Is The Closest We May Come To Our Dream Of Being Bears

"[I]it's pretty much a bear simulator. You play in FPB (First Person Bear) and do bear things which include exploring, eating fish and plants, striking down anything that dare stand before your might, increasing your stats, sleeping and discovering mysteries of your forest home." —Two things: 1) How much money do you have, and 2) give it all here.


Beer-Drinking Bear Chaser Comes Clean

"After telling wildlife officers and reporters in late February that he brawled with a Florida Black Bear that slammed him to the ground by his pants, [36-year-old Lake County resident Joshua Hennessy] then wrote a sworn statement that was much less dramatic…. 'I was sitting in my chair outside … drinking a beer and I saw a bear run by the house and for no good reason at all, I jumped up and started chasing it … and tripped over a speed bump and fell.' That's what Hennessy wrote in a statement to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He will not face charges, authorities said, [...]


Bears: Is There Anything They Can't Do?

Should we look to bears for the answer to our growing obesity crisis? Normally I would say yes, but given what I know about how we work the odds are we will be looking to the bears on our giant flatscreen TVs nestled in the comfy repose of our couches as we graze on the Dominos Artisan™ Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Pizza we have had delivered to our door, so it probably won't make much of a difference.