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Website Editor Named

Please join us in saying hello and welcome to the new editor of The Hairpin, Haley Mlotek, who you may remember around these parts for advocating for Showgirls, the end of Vogue, and manifestos that demand the death of all men. Even though she is Canadian. Hi Haley!


Oscar Thingy: There Will Be Blog

AWL WEEKEND BLOGGING ALERT! During this evening's presentation of Hollywood's salute to Hollywood, a couple of frequent Awl contributors-specifically Olympics columnist Katie Baker-Bakes (who may very well be preemptively irritated by the whole thing) and frequent moviegoer (and food-eater) David "Awl Publisher David Cho" Cho-will be on hand to discuss the proceedings. Please do stop by. I may even make an appearance myself. Anyway, let's say 7:30 or so? Excellent! See you then.


You are Encouraged to Visit our New Lady Friend, The Hairpin

We wanted to invite you personally—so, yes, you!—to visit our new sister site, run by the funny and bizarre Edith Zimmerman and friends, particularly the phenomenal Liz Colville. It is called The Hairpin. Of course it is. Please do go say hi! Sad to say, this means that all topics even remotely regarding women (such as politics, robots, carpentry and global finance) will now be permanently banned from The Awl, which will now exhibit an even more extreme and rigorous manliness than it already does.


Tomorrow He May Do Something About Smoked Gouda!

Are you a subscriber to The Awl's daily newsletter? No? Well go fuck yourself, you stupid scrotmunch. Oops, I mean, you totally should be! It comes direct to your inbox every morning, or whenever I ask Choire if he's written it yet and he's all, "Oh, fuck, lemme do that right now!" Anyway, it is full of valuable content that you cannot find anywhere else-today was all about tacos or something! (I don't really read it, but everyone tells me it's great.) You should for sure make this part of your routine. DO IT NOW! Thank you!

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An Announcement! "Rich People Things," The Book, Now Available

Rich People Things, a full-length and beautifully-illustrated book born from our long-running column by Chris Lehmann, is now available for pre-order, only from OR Books. "Social criticism at its scorching-hot best," says Barbara Ehrenreich! "Rare and devastating wit," says John Hodgman! (P.S. Pre-orders get a 15% discount.)


The Awl Daily Email: You Can Has It

We are starting up an email list. It is for fun-and later FOR PROFIT. It will be just like Daily Candy, except not about things for vapid girls. It will be just like VSL, except not about what's cool. Ha, I'm totally kidding, I don't really know what it'll be like, but I like the idea of dashing off an email in the morning to you people. And then, in like three months, we will put an ADVERTISEMENT on it and it will pay for Alex Balk to have a new pair of shoes someday. He is wearing garbage bags and twist-ties on his feet, it is just like "The [...]