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by The Awl


For all of their remarkable qualities, newsletters can be very boring, because they are, by definition, rote enterprises. They change so little. This is why the current Awl management has largely forsaken them in favor of the dynamic world of Periscopekatting. But then there is Laura Olin’s Everything Changes. It changes a lot. Weekly, even. The format, the concept, the tone, the frequency — everything changes. But constant mutation is just one of the many reasons we love Laura’s newsletter: It’s slightly weird, super sharp, comfortably personal, not a little amusing, and, perhaps most important of all, it’s very brief, and never boring. These are all qualities that line up extraordinarily well with the Awl’s editorial vision.

So, after a brief conversation with Laura, Everything Changes will now be delivered under (over?) the Awl banner. The first one just went out. Sign up! We think that you’ll like it.

But wait! I have questions!


What if I already subscribe to Everything Changes because it’s wonderful? Will I get TWO newsletters?

Nope, in that case, nothing changes. Well, almost. There’ll be a tiny Awl logo and maybe a link or two you that you can totally ignore.

Are you going to ruin Everything Changes?

Maybe. But hopefully the things you like about Everything Changes will get even better, because Laura will have some additional resources to change more things.

What if I’m subscribed to the Awl newsletter? Will I like Everything Changes?

Hi! We missed you! But we feel great after such a long nap. Anyway, you’ll start receiving Everything Changes as soon as…tomorrow. Just think of it as a tiny Awl post, sent directly to your inbox, on hand-stamped, artisan-crafted local stationery.

Is this a prank?


If you have other questions, do leave them in the comments.