Please Welcome The Wirecutter

by The Awl

The Wirecutter is a new website designed to do one thing: to tell you what the best particular product in a category is at any given moment. It is a project of Brian Lam, late of Gizmodo. Do you want to buy a TV? Great: here are the three TVs we endorse right now. Here’s what Brian has to say about the site; here’s the best way to use it.

What it is not is a “gadget blog.” There’s really plenty of those, and they’re great! They cover every rollout, every product, every bit of rumor and whatnot in the tech world. The rest of us really don’t need to know all that. We want to know what the best camera is at any given moment. We just want an informed perspective on what’s good. So it’s a tech site for the rest of us.

We’d like to extend special thanks to Federated Media and to Intel for their support of the launch. Questions? Drop us a line.

Your pals,

Alex Balk, John Shankman and Choire Sicha