Thursday, August 28th, 2014

This Week in Lines

Colombe10:04 am Tuesday, August 26th — La Colombe Torrefaction

Location: Church Street and Lispenard Street
Length: Eleven people
Weather: 75 and mostly sunny
Crowd: Late risers with enviable office hours
Mood: Pre-amped
Wait time: Six-to-eight minutes
Lingering question: if you're getting your morning coffee after ten in the morning, what time do you have to be at your desk by?

Blanc6:09 pm Monday, August 25th — Diner en Blanc attendees waiting to cross the street

Location: Hudson Street and Moore Street
Length: Forty-seven on this corner, with hundreds more infiltrating the surrounding streets
Weather: 84 and mostly sunny
Crowd: White-garbed eaters of all ages moving collectively in a blanked out mass
Mood: Stark
Wait time: unknown
Lingering question: Why isn’t Tide to go sponsoring this event?

828B943C-8E05-4AE7-A425-5DAB7389740A5:33 PM, Wednesday August 27th — Pre-Labor Day Weekend TSA security line

Location: Jet Blue terminal at JFK
Length: Twenty-nine people
Weather: 82 and partly cloudy
Crowd: A small slice of America at its most anxious
Mood: Exacerbated and ill-prepared
Wait time: Fifteen-to-twenty minutes
Lingering question: Can I keep my shoes on?

Jake Gallagher is a writer for A Continuous Lean and other places.

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sharilyn (#4,599)

Other lingering questions:
How much coffee is too much coffee?
Why serve red wine at an all-white dinner?
Why can't they scan my laptop inside my bag?

As someone who doesn't have to be at my desk until 11am, getting coffee at 10:04am seems incredibly early!

GailPink (#9,712)

Regarding he folks waiting for coffee, perhaps they are on vacation?

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