Friday, August 1st, 2014

The Subway Train I Would Not Ride

If I had to choose one subway train to not ride, I’d not ride the 2 train. After researching more than twenty subway lines and testing six measures of performance, the Straphangers Campaign found that that the 2 was the one train that its panel could agree on was the worst. It's not perfectly awful—although it scored below average on "regularity of service," "delays caused by mechanical breakdowns," and "seat availability during rush hour." It fortunately tied for best in the system on subway car announcements. However, it is pretty bad, and of all the trains, it is the one that I would not ride.

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Mike Dang@twitter (#42,746)

Matt, I take this train every day to come here and drink your coffee.

Matt Buchanan (#232,205)

@Mike Dang@twitter Hey man, they did hundreds of hours of research, take it up with them.

grendan (#269,504)

@Mike Dang@twitter hey mike that's

2 bad

BadUncle (#153)

This is why i take the People Mover.

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