The Case Against Saying Anything At All

@ProfJeffJarvis is a long-running parody account that pokes fun at media pundit Jeff Jarvis, and the broader FUTURE OF MEDIA conversation online.

Nassim Taleb is a philosopher, statistician, and public intellectual.

@ProfJeffJarvis once posted this funny joke: “Just had a great @Lyft in Palo Alto. Driver writes for NY Times on the side. Drives a Jaguar!”

Nassim Taleb wrote The Black Swan.

@ProfJeffJarvis’s bio is, “Hyperglocal thinkfluencer, Journalism 3.0 advocate. Cofounder @ Mogadishu::REinvent unconference. Investor/CIO (chief imagineer) @ NEXTIFY Labs unworkspace.”

Nassim Taleb predicted the collapse of the global economy.

@ProfJeffJarvis’s profile photo contains a beer helmet.

Nassim Taleb is an expert in the field of uncertainty.

Update: The machine never sleeps.