Friday, August 1st, 2014

A Poem by Sara Sutter

The Changing Snow Chicken

A type of grouse. A game bird whose 
name originates from imitation
of all the grumbling he does—“his 
song is more like a croak”—thus few souls go
within earshot. The Changing Snow 
Chicken lives in the Arctic and changes
“from brown in summer to a nice
winter plumage in winter.” “Naturally,” 
he explains, “this helps me blend in-
to my environment, which I refuse
to leave although it’s the harshest
tundra on the planet.” This, he tells you
while wagging his comb—his sole
ornament, big as a half-closed fist—

Sara Sutter wrote a chapbook, Sirenomelia, published by Poor Claudia. Her poems and essays appear in Bayou, Fence, Windsor Review and various artisan journals.

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eizverson22 (#277,962)

Ordinary things can be poetry.

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