Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

The Case For Just Getting In That Van

"When dollar vans first appeared in Queens, they faced significant opposition from city authorities, transit unions, and local police. But Queens is notable for how enmeshed vans have become in the borough’s transportation landscape. There are almost twice as many legal dollar vans in Queens as in Brooklyn and far fewer unlicensed, illegal vans. Vans in Queens have been afforded several loading and unloading spaces. In Queens, vans are starting to function like an official transportation system." -The city's burgeoning gray market van system sounds… kind of great?

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paddlepickle (#8,731)

Thank you for solving the mystery of the guy with a van who I pass by the Utica Ave 3 stop every night, yelling "Who's ready to go home?!" in a mesmerizing Tom-Waitsy voice.

John Herrman (#8,286)

@paddlepickle next time just shout back "me! I'm ready to go home!"

Wait so the dollar van I take from somewhere on flatbush to Atlantic Avenue whenever the Q isn't running on the weekend isn't legal? The dollar vans are more reliable than the buses!

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