Monday, July 21st, 2014

Question Hrmm

An example of the insightful questions that some venture capitalists must ask before they decide to shower an app with money, so much money:

Robyn Exton, the founder and chief executive of Dattch, a location-based dating app aimed at lesbians, once pitched her product to a venture capitalist who asked a colleague, ">Do you think if I invest, people will think I’m gay?"

Obviously, the answer is super.

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… the name is a portmanteau derived from date and catch …"

Apparently all the totally-non-gay VC capital in the world can't produce a name that doesn't suck.

Alternate take : I would have gone with "Flannl," but that's just me.

ejcsanfran (#489)

This is why I love our meritocracy – the cream just rises to the top!

joeclark (#651)


How does one pronounce that word, GREATERRHANDO?

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