Monday, July 7th, 2014

New York Times Executive Editors Ranked, After Much Deliberation

tiiiiimes8. Abraham Rosenthal (1977-1986)

7. Howell Raines (2001-2003)

6. Jill Abramson (2011-20141)

5. Bill Keller (2003-2011)

4. James Reston (1968-19692)

3. Turner Catledge (1964-1968)

2. Max Frankel (1986-1994)

1. Joseph Lelyveld (1994-2001)

1 Dean Baquet has not held the job long enough to qualify for this listicle.
2There was no executive editor between 1969 and 1977.

Elon Green is a freelance writer.

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Fizzbin (#260,272)

Given the magnitude of the Judy Miller and Jayson Blair shitshows, how is it that Howell Raines appears *anywhere* on this list?

Elon Green@twitter (#75,693)

@Fizzbin Because he was an executive editor of the New York Times.

Fizzbin (#260,272)

@Elon Green@twitter And so, after much deliberation, he's better than Abe Rosenthal?

carleentory03 (#281,712)

good post

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