Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Moon Stupidly Shaped

5836482263_0d68a1dc74_zRather than do literally anything else, scientists have spent forty-five years trying to decipher the true shape of the fucking moon, which is apparently "like a lemon with an equatorial bulge," according to the author of the absolutely pointless study. The Times writes:

Efforts to pinpoint the moon’s exact shape have long been stymied by the presence of large craters on its surface that formed after the crust solidified. There have also been inconsistencies between its measurements and what we know about its past.

For example, the moon barely spins, yet it appears to have the sort of equatorial bulge caused by rotation. And why would a giant ball of cooled liquid be anything but spherical?

Intriguing questions! If they weren't about the stupid moon.

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Glad to see that the new editors are continuing The Awl's brave anti-moon stance.

holdup!holdmyphone! (#274,038)

lmao the moon can eat my equatorial bulge.

14447852@twitter (#284,329)

Maybe I'm biased because I am a graduate student in the author's department (I definitely am biased), but I think Matt seems to be showing a bit of John McCain-esque willful ignorance in calling the study "pointless." If he read the abstract, he'd see that better understanding the topography of the moon has important implications for understanding the nature and formation of the solar system as a whole. But don't mind me, go ahead and scoff at basic research.

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