Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Introducing… Shirterate

People often ask us what's next for our company. We've spent a lot of time surveying the Internet landscape, and, while the land rush into the content arena has been gratifying to watch for those of us who've worked in the "space" since long before there was a venture capital invasion, we really feel that the future of the Internet is in serving individuals. One by one. Artisanally. Particularly high net worth individuals. So we'd like to invite you to visit our new project, Shirterate.

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dado (#102)

I'd stick with potato salad.

deepomega (#1,720)

How "high net worth" are we talking here? I am a slovenly straight man, but also I am not required by my career to wear suits. Am I out of your demo?

Jane Donuts (#2,857)

You don't take Bitcoin? Jesus H.

This may be the greatest thing the Awl has ever published. I am completely fucking serious.

The. Greatest.

laurel (#4,035)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose I just fell in love all over again.

carpetblogger (#306)

@laurel Is this where we start the awkward conversation we need to have with The Awl?

KarenUhOh (#19)

Now the other one is stuck with Shorterate.

ejcsanfran (#489)

Does this make Balk the straight version of Jai Rodriguez?

jolie (#16)

@ejcsanfran I always thought of Balk as more of the straight Ted Allen, what with the fucking steak and all, but I like your interpretation so much better.

hershmire (#233,671)

At first I had trouble differentiating this from a sponsored post.

Wait, was Shiterate taken?

Ralph Haygood (#13,154)

@Clarence Rosario: That's exactly how I misread it at first. Shiterate would also be appropriate for the target demographic.

OK, WAIT FOREALS, I GET IT. This is your way of getting us to sign up for the newsletter again, isn't it?

@Clarence Rosario Hey, it's EXACTLY like the newsletter! I sent an email, and have yet to receive anything in return.

So much for that $250. :-(

Ralph Haygood (#13,154)

If Balk had written this, it would be titled "How to tuck in a fucking shirt."

Rodger Psczny (#3,912)

I'm wearing Dickies shorts and a decade-old Reed College shirt.


Alternate take : Prepare the Wicker Man.

jolie (#16)

Obviously it's impossible to pick a favorite part, but "Who are these janitors on the front page of the New York Times?" is, like, yessssssssssssssssssssssss

You Know What? (#258,220)

I am now ready to ask the question I have had all along-
How do you pronounce "Choire" exactly? I will wear socks AND sandals until I find out! Afterwards I will only wear clothes that I see on models pictured in the LL Bean catalog from 1983.

I think there should be a Gaywad Discount.

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