Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Compare and Contrast: Emily Gould's "Friendship" and Amy Sohn's "The Actress"

It's publication day for both Amy Sohn and Emily Gould! Because they're both women, we should look inside these two new novels and see what they have in common! Isn't that the totally obvious and meaningful thing to do if you sit back and think about it for a minute???

• Both women.

• Written in English.

• Books are printed on off-white-ish paper with black-ish ink.

• Both contain women speaking out loud sometimes.

• Neither are Lena Dunham somehow???

• The first word of both books is "the."

• Emily's is blurbed by three men and one woman and Amy's is blurbed by all women (ooh and one man! The symmetry!).

• Both authors clearly have loose morals because they have spoken too frankly in public, particularly about sex, and therefore should not be taken seriously.

• Both books seem to be demands for attention, because they were both published.

• Neither are Mira Jacob, who also is a woman with a book out today, called The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing, but she gets compared to Jhumpa Lahiri in Kirkus instead, because, whispers, you know, her parents are from India, so she's definitely not Lena Dunham, even though she grew up in New Mexico and went to Oberlin and lives in Brooklyn just like everyone else.

oh hello!

Why not buy all of them—here's Emily's and here's Amy's and here's Mira's—and see just how much these women books have in common! Or just buy one, surely they're totally identical in most ways.


Here's Emily and Amy in cahoots four years ago.

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ejcsanfran (#489)

I'm a man. Should I still read these books? I'm afraid I won't understand them. Don't they just write about having their periods all the time?

GREAT question. Really, the only question. There's actually strangely little menstruation in all of these books. It's like they tried to keep themselves from writing about it? So I think you're safe.

I heard a rumor that one of these authors may be a torrid hoyden hopped up on spite. Should I be worried about this? If I read her book, will I possibly succumb to the addictive powers of spite and become hopped up on it myself? And should I be wary of the corruptive influence of hoydens and their hoydenish ways?

@MisterHippity : I share your concerns. Additionally, in a programme of self-improvement, I am also avoiding books by venemous hussies, catty trollops, and snide shrews.

Splenetic tarts, however, are just fine.

El Matardillo (#586)

I would buy all of these, really, except I have to put the finishing touches on my new copter drone, equipped with HD camera and TV transmitter for real-time views of all the action at the Soho House pool.

Mackenzie Kelly (#8,235)

Guys get a grip on yourselves.

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