Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Bleaching the Jury Pool

The influx of the young and rich into Brooklyn is, according to the New York Post, "gentrifying" jury pools, making them more trustful of the police and less trustful of plaintiffs in civil suits.

“People who can afford to live in Brooklyn now don’t have the experience of police officers throwing them against cars and searching them. A person who just moves here from Wisconsin or Wyoming, they can’t relate to [that]. It doesn’t sound credible to them.”

"Bu-bu-but," the young white man protests, "I've seen The Wire. Twice. Except for the second season which I don't like all that much though I can't quite put my finger on why, just something about the characters I guess? Anyway, I know what it's like. I get it. Omar's the best, right? What a character. But yeah, I empathize man."

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Pulp (#1,885)

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again: The best antidote for this is to be raised by a public defender. Eventually you will hear stories about police reports with phrases like "suspect used jaw to break officer's hand."

You know – hipsters. Law and order types.

holdup!holdmyphone! (#274,038)

shhh. there there. it will all be a mall soon.

jetztinberlin (#392)

Aww, being kicked out of jury duty for demonstrating bias was one of my proudest moments in Old New York. The case was going to be determined by expert testimony on both sides…
ME: Well, it just seems like the unemployed single mother from Brownsville is going to be really disadvantaged in terms of what sort of expert she can hire to testify, compared to the NYC Board of Ed.
PROSECUTOR: You're a radical, huh? Yeah, we don't want you. Dismissed.

Thank god for death!

iantenna (#5,160)

ugh, season 2 is the best. it's season 3 and season 5 that are the stinkers. CAN BROOKLYN HIPSTERS GET ANYTHING RIGHT?

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