Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Realism Lauded

"What separates Martin’s books from the pack is that his made-up world of Westeros feels more 'real' than other made-up worlds like Tolkien’s Middle Earth or Brooks’s Shannara. There’s very little magic in the series, and when something supernatural happens, everyone is freaked out and confused. The characters have sex (mostly sex that would be illegal today), get tortured, betray one another, and die incredibly easily and often for very little reason—just like real people involved in a medieval war would have. One of the first plot points is a child getting thrown off a ledge and crippled after he witnesses some nasty-ass incest; one major character gets killed on the toilet and shits all over the place as he dies. So the books are earthy, you might say. More importantly, anyone in Martin’s world who strives for nobility, honor, or any other trait lauded in traditional fantasy novels inevitably ends up impaled on a spike or crippled and humiliated by the amoral crooks who always come out on top. Like I said, this is more realistic than most epic fantasy."

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Danzig! (#5,318)

Omitted by the editors: The men's rights postscript.

Man to be a fly on the wall during that guy's high school D&D sessions. One can only imagine the grim glory.

migraineheadache (#1,866)

A Safari extension that auto-closes a tab if more than one non-proper-noun is italicized would save me a lot of trouble.

Freddie DeBoer (#4,188)

Yeah, geeks, the most powerful force in the history of pop culture– and it's not close– are a terribly, terribly oppressed minority. Let us all weep for the perpetual geek Kristallnacht that they must endure. The black experience, women's experience of sexism and rape culture, the worldwide persecution of homosexuals– none can hold a candle to the immense burden that those who jerk off to comic books must endure. I pray that someday their Moses arrives and leads them out of this hell hole of total cultural and economic dominance into the perfect heaven they so richly deserve, where literally every moment of their lives a flight of angels will tell them that they are good and true and right and only what they like matters and everyone else is just jealous of their neckbeard wisdom, and where they are constantly blown by comely lasses in period-appropriate costume but with 21st century teeth, as only this is sufficient reward for their inherent and objective superiority over the rest of us all. Come the rapture.

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