Monday, April 14th, 2014

Movie Old

"It opened April 14, 1989, and that weekend, it made $5.2 million. It wasn't enough to come anywhere close to what Major League pulled down in its second week ($9.1 million), but it was enough to come in one slot ahead of the opening weekend of the Tony Danza comedy She's Out Of Control ($4.6 million)."
Say Anything is 25 years old, as are all the unfulfilled hopes and aspirations of your youth, including but not limited to the dream you had of making a difference in the lives of people other than your friends and family and the vague ideas that at some point in your life the work you would be doing would have meaning in and of itself and not merely be the thing you dragged yourself into each morning because you became a prisoner to status and possessions and the ever-increasing series of compromises and "temporary" positions you took with the delusion that you would only do those things until you got yourself to a place where you were able to follow your bliss, and now when you look back on that idealistic kid from 1989 you are stricken with a mixture of disgust for the ignorance of youth and sadness about the hard realities of life. But of course this is only true for people of a certain age; if you are much younger, don't worry, I'm sure everything will work out exactly the way you expect it to.

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Freddie DeBoer (#4,188)

'89 was the year my mom died, which made it functionally the end of childhood for me even though I was only 7. It's hard to imagine she's been gone that long. She was a dream, really. I know people are biased about moms but she was lovely and wild in the best way. Played naked badminton, saved an arboretum from developers. She really instilled in us a kind of unbreakable belief in the value and purpose of our own lives. That's unpopular these days but without it I'm sure I never would have made it through these 25 years. Anyway: it's a good movie, Say Anything, innit.

If you are younger, consider discreetly selling a few of the smaller paintings and furnishings from around the house before Dad gets busted. That fellowship money will only take you so far, and you'll need some cash to support your deadbeat boyfriend.

Smitros (#5,315)

Nah. A lot of my dreams were starting to take hits by then. When Lloyd Dobler proclaimed that he did not want to buy or sell or process anything he spoke directly to my battered heart.

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