Friday, April 11th, 2014

I Miss Tokens

"A sharp subway rider warned Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials about a 'skimming' device on a MetroCard machine at the Columbus Circle 1 train station on Wednesday night. The illegal setups are made to blend in with the MetroCard vending machine and its surroundings. They grab electronic information from a debit or credit card when it is swiped to make a payment, and a separate hidden camera catches the PIN number riders enter. On Wednesday, 'an unidentified customer noticed the device, removed it from the machine and brought it to the station agent on duty. The New York Police Department is investigating the device,' MTA officials said."
—Wouldn't it just be easier if they set up an address where I could send all my money in one shot instead of waiting for the various scams and system insecurities to gradually drain it from my account?


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BadUncle (#153)

When you get that guv'mint-issued EZ-Pass barcode on your forehead, you can just breeze through the subway turnstiles to get your free abortions and cheese. All hail Natas!

The countdown clocks let me knows exactly when my funds will disappear!

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