Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Camille Paglia Still Doing Her Camille Paglia Thing

"As a libertarian, I support the decriminalization of marijuana, but there are many problems with pot. From my observation, pot may be great for jazz musicians and Beat poets, but it saps energy and will-power and can produce physiological feminization in men…. Alcohol’s enhancement of direct face-to-face dialogue is precisely what is needed by today’s technologically agile generation, magically interconnected yet strangely isolated by social media. Clumsy hardcore sexting has sadly supplanted simple hanging out over a beer at a buzzing dive. By undermining the art of conversation, the age 21 law has also had a disastrous effect on our arts and letters, with their increasing dullness and mediocrity. This tyrannical infantilizing of young Americans must stop!"
—If I were someone who believed that the drinking age in America should be lowered I would be all, "No, Camille Paglia, please don't help!"

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KarenUhOh (#19)

I do believe this will earn her the Joe Camel Chair at Yale.

needsmoresalt (#242,163)

God love her.

@needsmoresalt: I know, right? I can't even get angry at someone so far out there she thinks a lower drinking age would have prevented people from sexting or taking ecstasy at raves.

BadUncle (#153)

There's no reason it shouldn't be lowered to the same age we entrust people to make life and death decisions with firearms, grenades and rockets, not to mention the vote. The only reason it was raised in so many states was because of drunk driving. I'd much rather raise the driving age, given the number of texting-related accidents.

Moxie (#81,363)

Oh Camille, I thought I was so cool for reading you in high school. I haven't thought about you since.

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