Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

As A Woman Grows Older

"I am of the cohort which lived inside a gilded bubble when young, and made a proper song and dance about it. Now that group is clearly beginning to think of itself as old, and you can be sure this won’t happen quietly."
—Jenny Diski on aging is just as good as Jenny Diski on anything else, which is to say you should be reading it right now, what are you even waiting for, seriously go ahead and click already.


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930920959@twitter (#272,050)

"Perhaps we should apologise for being alive at a time when medical science is advanced enough and will do its best to keep us alive. But that’s also going to be true of the next generation."

No it isn't.

Mackenzie Kelly (#8,235)

The good news is, as Ben Franklin said, women age from the top, saving the best parts for later.

Mackenzie Kelly (#8,235)

As I remember.

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