Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

On Being An "Irritant To The Institution" At The Whitney Biennial

My thoughts on the Whitney Biennial are still… congealing (???), which is good! Usually I hit the Biennial and have a snap and often dismissive opinion. This one I actually… want to return again maybe? Meanwhile here is a thoughtful interview with one of the three curators, Michelle Grabner, who is also the first artist to serve in that capacity.

One thing I did note is that the queers 'n' homos showed really well, like Keith Mayerson (above) and Zoe Leonard and Gary Indiana—and so did the painters, which is always heartwarming.

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joeclark (#651)

I miss you as an art dealer resident somewhere beyond the elliptical orbit of Mr. BARNEY.

John Tee (#265,668)

Michelle Grabner took that "irritant to the institution" line from Whitney director Adam Weinberg: he tells participants in the ISP that this is their role. Glad she hoped to provoke a reaction and possible change in the Whitney though.

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