How Can We Pretend We're Paying Attention Faster?

“[S]kimmers and speed-readers did much worse at answering comprehension questions afterward, especially ones about specifics or technical material,” but nobody has anything super-valuable to say anymore anyway so it doesn’t really make a difference how much of it you retain; why not get yourself an app that will help you “read” more quickly? The odds are that anything flashing by you on a screen will be for the most part ignored and even more importantly ignorable so whatever helps you breeze through the barrage of verbiage at this point is probably worth it. If you can just hold out for a little while longer we are not all that far away from the time when we communicate solely in GIF form and then all our problems will be solved. Until then keep not paying attention because I’ve lost you at this point anyway, right? If you’re at all good at the way we read now you watched a couple of seconds of the video and moved on to the next thing a while ago. These apps will definitely usher in a very important change in our society.