Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Everything Is Broken

The ground beneath your feet is pitted and wrecked, the mighty towers in which you took so much pride rain death down on the heads of those passing below, and yet another massive storm wends its way toward your desolate environs. Look upon the ruin that you call your city and despair, New York. This is what happens when you let the Democrats back into Gracie Mansion.


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limeonaire (#1,011)

Reporting in from the Midwest: Everything is broken out here, too.

Emily (#20)

It's because of astrology

Lockheed Ventura (#5,536)

One has to admire the utter chutzpah of the Port Authority to blame falling ice in February on "climate change" as opposed to design flaws and gravity.

What motherfucking right do you have to fit so much epic poetry into one tiny news nugget paragraph?

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