Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Your Secret Latte Identity

Is this article a tribute to the fact that the increasing diversity of our nation's population is resulting in an explosion of previously unfamiliar names or an early signal that as the economy becomes mainly centered around the service industries many of the pieces we read considering modern life will be about the knotty problems that come from interacting with the help? Yes.

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Rod T (#33)

No, it's a shrug of the shoulders that folks will go to a chain for a consistently mediocre experience where one waits in a queue for something that should be so very simple. Luckily there are other locations where coffee can be had. When I walk into my local coffeeshop/bakery, they start making my beverage when I walk through the door and greet me by name. (Luckily I'm very predictable.)

Seriously, why do people shop at multinational chains?

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