Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Michael Grimm For Mayor

Michael Grimm, the former Marine and FBI agent who 1. spent an infamous 17 minutes in a bar bathroom in Bay Ridge, 2. does real estate business with a crook, 3. worked at a customer-gouging Wall Street outfit, 4. ran a restaurant that refused to pay workman's comp and was accused of not paying minimum wage, 5. was investigated by the FBI for fundraising with a dodgy Israeli mystic, 6. once allegedly held a club full of people hostage while waving around a gun (he claims it was in the line of duty, and was never charged), and 7. claims he never told said night club attendees that he was going to kill everyone because "I don’t need to speak that way," has now gone nuts on NY1 hottie Michael Scotto, including tell him "I'll break you in half. Like a boy."

DEPOSE DE BLASIO, WE WANT GRIMM. He'll make New York work again, whether you like it or not, you fucking fucks.

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hockeymom (#143)

Wasn't he also part of the whole "drunk and naked" in the Sea of Galilee?

Smitros (#5,315)

Any chance he can be played by Michael Madsen or Alec Baldwin?

shaunr (#726)

The 'politicians I would do' tag retrieves only this post. Really starting to doubt this whole semantic web thing, tbqh.

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