Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Let's Tweet About The Global Elite

"It’s January, and for some of the movers and shakers in business and banking, that means it’s time to meet with other members of the global elite at an Alpine ski resort in Switzerland. But even before it starts, the World Economic Forum — which gets rolling Wednesday, after an opening ceremony on Tuesday, and runs through Jan. 25 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland — is being scrutinized on social media with an especially sharp eye on one of this year’s themes: economic inequality."


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Whether in Ghana, China, Brazil, USA, European Union, or the rest of Africa, South America, and Asia, the only way to improve the state of the world is to dramatically shrink the human population from seven-plus billion of us to the 2.5 billion of us a half century ago, and then shrink the number further, to one billion — all before the end of the century, preferably by mid-century, no matter how it is done as long as the environment survives.
Will the World Economic Forum at Davos, or anyplace else, dare to discuss that proposition to save the planet? They are not that bright or willing to sacrifice their personal millions and billions of dollars to save everything. Greedy buzzards.

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