Damaged Bug, "Eggs at Night"

People who are in the know, people who are younger than me, people who can still find it within themselves to get excited about things and seek out the new and adventurous, people who haven’t decided that they’re at the end of their run and now it’s time to rest up for death, people generally fitting that sort of description have been mentioning Thee Oh Sees to me as a band I might enjoy, possibly because they sound like many of the other things I have expressed admiration for in the past, I don’t know, I don’t really ask questions anymore, it is actually fairly remarkable that I can remember the name of the act in the first place. Anyway, if this song, which is part of a solo project from one of the Thee Oh Sees (and I do not know how many Thee Oh Sees there are; he could be the only Thee Oh See although that seems unlikely given that he feels the need to solo it up), is any indication, I actually would like them, because boy if this doesn’t ever sound like a certain moment in time when life still seemed worth living. Remember that? Back then? When everything still had promise? Who knew it would all end up being this pullulating, pitiless pile of shit that we’re up to our eyes in now? Anyway, enjoy! [Via]