Friday, December 6th, 2013

Mayor Smaug Sad :(

Artist's RenderingOnly 27 shopping days remain until the De Blasio Era begins, in which each subway car is its own Thunderdome of homeless people and left-wing crazies. And last night Bloomberg gave the first of his farewell speeches, and did that DARN THING THAT HE DOES where he suddenly starts saying awesome things:

[H]e recalled his unwavering support for a proposed mosque near the World Trade Center site, which much of the country angrily opposed.

“When a faith community wants to build a house of worship in a particular neighborhood,” he said, “we don’t tell them to look someplace else.”

“We are one city,” he added, “open to all, with equal rights for all.”

He invoked the pantheon of Great New Yorkers who, exploiting those enduring values, used the city as a laboratory for improbable inventions and unconventional ideas that changed the world. Charles Pfizer. Alexander Graham Bell. George Gershwin. Andy Warhol. Norman Mailer.

He paraphrased a quotation attributed to Albert Einstein: “If an idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it.”

“We must always be a city,” the mayor said, “where absurdity is a virtue.”


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Gloria Stilton (#254,268)

Sometimes he really nails it. He was the speaker at my sister's Princeton Commencement ("graduation," to us normies). It was my first time at an Ivy event and I was feeling hyper-aware of my ASU education and overwhelmed after attending their week-long Reunions ("parties," to us normies) (like the gathering of the Juggalos for the 1%), so I was poised and ready to hear some rich person advice and roll my eyes so hard that my pupils would be subjected to the Coriolis effect.

Anyway, he was as charming as a motherfucker could possibly be. He poked gentle fun at the school's outrageous cost without sounding like a billionaire hypocrite. He had jokes tailored for the students, the parents, the Meg Whitmans (Will graduated that year), and the mes. I don't know how he did it, but it was impressive.

The Student Day speaker was Brooke Shields, and her whole speech was basically just "Yes, I really went here." Tiger pride!

Bring back the eagle pic.

ParaLost (#254,317)

Wait, what are you saying good riddance to? The historic drop in crime that we have seen over the past decade (and the fact that thousands of Black and Hispanic young men are not dead because of it?)

Did you actually grow up in NYC in the 70's and 80's. It may have been "hip" for people like you, but it was no picnic for most people who had to live in those nightmarish neighborhoods.

Yeah, Bloomberg can be an asshole sometimes. But flowers and bumblebees don't make good governance. I'm withholding judgement on DeBlasio and am a little hopeful after he appointed Bratton as the new Commish.

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