Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

How Do You Want To Die Today?

• Slush-planing delivery bicyclist.

• Over-excitement.

• The rising up of New York City's ever-growing underclass.

• Ice skate to the face.

• Trampled by sleet-encrusted fourth-grade class trip on subway platform.

• Molten hot chocolate.

• Boredom.

• Snow sharks.

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jolie (#16)

Oh my God that chair is everything.

Isn't it handsome??? I covet the chair more than the cat I think.

jolie (#16)

@Choire Sicha@facebook It really is marvelous. Great Chairs of Vine would be a fun snow day post. You know, if you're taking requests.

@ev_rat (#254,634)

@Choire Sicha@facebook They are one.

KarenUhOh (#19)

That is a hairball waiting to happen.

Bobby Womack (#4,074)

I had hoped you would be above using the 'feels' thing on Facebook. Right in the feels, giving me feels, etc.

Icicle impalement.

Death by bodega slip and slide floor

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