Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Expect To Hear From Your Grandma About How They Messed Up Her Email Soon

"AOL’s email service has become associated with people somewhat out of touch with present-day tech companies. Why would someone have an account when we have GMail and iCloud? [AOL CEO Tim] Armstrong was also asked what he planned to do about that brand perception at the UBS conference yesterday. 'I would [pause] that issue is a brand issue and it is a product issue,' Armstrong responded. 'Rehabbing the AOL brand and the AOL products is a very, very important project at the company, and it has my full attention,' he added, noting that a significant AOL email refresh was coming."
—Ugh, now how are we going to know whose email to ignore?


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Aatom (#74)

Easy. Facebook = AOL.

sallyjaygorce (#254,851)

AOL and Yahoo are used a lot by people who have pretty much always had assistants do everything for them, so this is actually going to suck for some people with "[self-]important" bosses whose email they're gonna have to solve.

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