Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

'Naked' At 20

Oh man, Mike Leigh's Naked is somehow 20 years old. If you have never seen it don't do anything else but figure out a way to see it as close to immediately as is possible for you. Everyone else can read these little interviews with Leigh and actor Greg Crutwell and this longer, earlier piece with David Thewlis.

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Patrick M (#404)

Mike Leigh should just start walking up to strangers and going, "OK, stop, come out of character." I know I'd benefit from it

purefog (#999)

My ears were much better twenty years ago, but still the shrill and distorted gutter English of Naked meant that I missed as much as I caught. Now that I am a closed-caption aficionado, recently I rented it to re-see/re-hear what I earlier saw and heard AND to fill in the many gaps. Yup, you guessed it — no CC. Sigh.

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